Monday, May 14, 2012

How to become a good and successful medical student

Have I made the correct decision?

¨ Yes, you have. Being in the medical field, is one of the best field to give service to mankind. The person most loved by god is the person most beneficial. Being in the medical field, we are always useful in whatever situation. A doctor does not need an office, an organization to serve. A doctor is useful anytime, anywhere and to anybody. If you are one person whose life purpose is to serve others, then you have definitely made the correct decision.


can I be a doctor one day?

¨ Sure you can! It all depends on your intention. A good intention will give good results. If your intention is to serve others, then you have all the power of god almighty, to achieve your ambitions. Whenever we do something with the intention to serve rather than thinking of what’s in it for us, you can be sure that god’s help and blessing will be with you all along. Once God’s help is with you, you will attract people, circumstances and situations that will help you to become a doctor. This may come in the form of doing well in your exams, getting the scholarship and the place in the university as well as passing all exams easily. It will cost you to have inspired actions, which will results in phenomenal success in whatever you do. Have full faith that with God, everything is possible.

What are the important traits to become a doctor?

¨ The most important thinking is a very positive mental attitude. One of the most important assets is that they must have a lot of compassion where a doctor has to put others before himself and always wanting things for others more than himself.

Credit : Dr.Muhaya


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